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Ring Forming Machine


  • Model: RM-6-310
  • Input voltage: 220V (2-phase) or customized
  • Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated power: 2KVA
  • Ring diameter: 70-350mm
  • Wire thickness: 2.8-5mm
  • Ring diameter tolerance: 0.16mm
  • Throughput: about 2200pcs/hour(for ring diameter 150mm)
  • Cooling method: natural cooling
  • Air flow required: 250L/min
  • Weight: About 300KGS


  • High precision: intelligent "S" shape speed curve, the encoder and the motor form a closed-loop wire feeding control system, secure a diameter tolerance less than 0.16mm, eventually solve the ring precision issues inherent in the traditional mechanical or hydraulic ring making machines.
  • High stability: wire feeding unit is driven by two motors directly without gears, belts or other transmission parts, never gets less precise due to wear-out.
  • Easy operation: ring size is adjusted by turning the wheel, much easier than traditional mechanical or hydraulic machines.
  • User friendly UI, the counter always shows the amount of rings formed.